What Is the Validate a Configuration Wizard

The Validate a Configuration Wizard:

• Confirms that the cluster hardware and settings are compatible with failover clustering

• Verifies that Microsoft can support the configuration

• Uses the Failover Clustering feature

• Should be run before creating a failover cluster

• Conducts four main tests: Inventory, Network, Storage, and System Configuration

• Returns one of the following messages about each test Pass, Passed with warnings, Fail, or Test not run

• Should be run when major cluster changes are made

• Should be run when major cluster changes are made

Key Points

The Validate a Configuration Wizard runs tests that confirm that the hardware and hardware settings are compatible with failover clustering. Using the wizard, you can run the entire set of configuration tests or a subset of the tests. We recommend that you run the tests on servers and storage devices before you configure the failover cluster, and again after any major changes are made to the cluster. You can access the test results in the %windir%\cluster\Reports directory.

The report from the Validate a Configuration Wizard includes one of the following outcomes for each test:

• The tested item meets requirements for a failover cluster.

• The tested item might meet the requirements, but you receive a warning notice suggesting that you review the hardware and software settings to be sure that best practices are met.

• The test item does not meet requirements.

• The test could not be run. For example, if you are testing only a single node, certain tests do not run.

For more information, see "Failover Cluster Help: Understanding Requirements for Failover Clusters"

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