Use Computer Management for Local Accounts

The bulk of the chapter assumes an Active Directory context. By this point, you have already read about domains, forests, and trees and know the benefits of using Active Directory on your network. In many cases, particularly if you have NT 4 workstations or Win2K systems as clients, it is desirable to create a domain (even if you only have one server) in order to take advantage of all the additional features of Active Directory. However, it is possible that a small organization might want to keep life very simple, or even (brace yourself here) that the company's primary network OS is not Win2K/NT. For example, in a network that is Unix- or NetWare-based, there may be a need to set up a special-purpose NT server without all that AD stuff. In that case, if your Win2K machine is not a domain controller (DC) and you aren't using Active Directory, create your user accounts using the Computer Management tool (COMPMGMT.MSC). Users and groups created with COMPMGMT.MSC are local accounts, which is to say they exist and are valid on that local machine only. However, COMPMGMT.MSC is a remoteable tool, so you can use it to create and manage local users and groups on remote member servers in a domain or on remote stand-alone servers. Just choose Connect to Another Computer from the Action menu to do this.

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