Recovering a Folder

To recover a folder, use the following procedure:

1. Position the cursor so that it is over a blank space in the folder that will be recovered. If the cursor hovers over a file, that file will be selected.

2. Right-click the mouse and select Properties from the bottom of the menu, and then click the Previous Versions tab.

3. Select either Copy or Restore.

4. Selecting Restore enables the user to recover everything in that folder as well as all subfolders. Selecting Restore will not delete any files.

Note: Shadow Copies of Shared Folder provides a way to recursively recover files in a folder. However, this will never delete files, so it will not truly revert a disk to an earlier point in time. It is also not efficient, and Microsoft does not recommend doing it for large quantities of data. If you need to revert an entire disk to a previous point in time, you should restore from a backup medium.

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