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Online Data Entry Jobs

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Online Data Entry Jobs Summary

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Using Automated Methods to Add Multiple User Accounts

If you need to add a large number of accounts, each with many attributes, creating them manually may prove to be one of the most boring and unnecessarily complicated tasks one may come across. Furthermore, in order for larger enterprises to keep their TCOs down, there must be a user import process that can be leveraged in migration or rollout projects. Like anything else in Microsoft world, this can be automated. This takes care of the tediousness and also eliminates the possibility of typos and errors associated with data entry performed by a human.

Creating a Simple Design

Employees provide specific functions for the company. An employee within the human-resources department provides different functions than does a temporary employee providing data entry for the marketing department. Identify what the employees require to perform their jobs. Document your findings and determine what is the same among all employees within an OU and what is

Configuring IPv Scope Options

As with the IPv4 options, you can configure individual options by clicking the checkbox to the left of the option in the Available Options section, then entering the specific data in the data entry section. The Advanced tab contains the same Vendor class and User class options as the IPv4 scope options dialog box and those options were previously described. Refer back to the section on Advanced IPv4 scope options for details on these options. When you're finished configuring scope options, click OK.

Setting Scope Options

To set an option, select it from the Available Options by clicking the checkbox to the left of the option. A brief description is shown to the right of each option. When you click an option, the data entry elements below are enabled and you can enter the server name and IP address. There is a long list of scope options that can be set here. A list and brief description of these is included in Table 8.3. You can also click the Advanced tab to select more advanced DHCP scope options. The Vendor class options include DHCP Standard Options, Microsoft Options, Microsoft Windows 2000 Options, and Microsoft Windows 98 Options. In addition to Vendor class options, you can select from among various user class options. These are Default BOOTP Class, Default Network Access Protection Class, Default Routing and Remote Access Class, and Default User Class. The data options beneath the Available Options section change depending on the option selected. These options should be modified only if you...

Options Used by Windows Clients

Table 25-1 shows the options that can be configured by administrators and used by Windows computers running the DHCP Client service. Each option has an associated option code, which is used to identify it in a DHCP message, and a data entry, which contains the value setting of the option. These options are requested by clients to set their TCP IP configuration.

Job Function

Employees have specific functions that they provide for the company. An employee within the Human Resources department provides different functions than a temporary employee providing data entry for the Marketing department. Identify what the employees require to perform their jobs. Document your findings, and then compare what is the same among all employees within an OU and what is different. You may be able to create a single GPO for a department that applies to all of the users and computers and then link it at the parent OU for the department. Those settings that are specific to a subset of users or computers can then be added to a GPO that is linked to the child OU where the user or computer accounts are located.

Assigning Options

To select an individual option, check the box next to it and then use the controls in the Data Entry control group to enter the value you want associated with the option. Continue to add options until you've specified all the ones you want attached to the server or scope and then click the OK button. Data entry- Data entry-

Installing DNS

Once DNS has been installed, you should ensure that it has been configured to allow updates. This option allows Active Directory to automatically add, modify, and remove RRs to the DNS database whenever changes are made in Active Directory. The Allow Updates option is extremely useful because it reduces the chances for error in manual data entry and greatly reduces the administration effort required.

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