Creating a Domain Design

We have now finished discussing the various forest design options and which factors affect the design principles. Hopefully, it is now clear which forest design is most appropriate for your requirements and organization and we can now focus our attention at the domain level, within the forest.

This section is structured in a similar way to the previous one, in that we start by examining the factors that affect the domain design within a forest. We then move on to namespace considerations and how the topic of DNS starts to become more relevant when designing Active Directory forests and domains.

We then examine the different ways of implementing a domain structure within a forest, starting with the idea of a "dedicated" forest root domain This then leads to the different designs available when choosing a multiple domain design within a forest—regional versus functional. In addition to the multiple domain approach, obviously a forest can contain one domain, and this is considered next.This section concludes with the subjects of ownership and responsibility, in a similar fashion to the previous section, but here relating to domains.

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