The following command performs the fullcontent comparison as well as detects both a changed albeit nonreplicated directory object a GPO and an attribute name versionNumber notice that the tFALSE parameter is used

C:\>dsastat; -b:DC=net,DC=dom -t: FALSE Unsorted mode.

FAIL Value [0] of Attr[versionNumber] did not compare on dn [<GUID=7a8d66e928d2d94c93dd5ca95c7d5ac4>; CN={64C49D93-BBB7-410E-B999-837B5B90422B}, CN=Policies, CN=System, DC=net, DC=dom]

Servers [] ~ [] FAIL FAIL[1]: mismatch with current DIT image

Checking for missing replies...

No missing replies!INFO: Server sizes are equal. *** Different Directory Information Trees. 1 errors (see above). *** fail -=>> FAIL <<=-closing connections...;;

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