Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health

EMF Protection

This ebook is the complete guide to learning about electrical sensitivity and how to prevent getting it in your life. You will learn what electrical sensitivity is, and what causes it. Once you have started learning about it you will learn how to get rid of it and protect yourself from the dangers of electrical sensitivity. You will also learn how to heal yourself. This book is the product of careful research by the scientific and medical communities into the dangers and preventative measures of electrical sensitivity. ES is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in the world right now, and this ebook is designed to education people as to how it works and how to prevent it. Do not let it take hold of your family; take control and prevent it now! Do not let yourself get any more hurt; learn about this condition and fight it! More here...

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The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution

This ebook seeks to get rid of a lot of the myths that surround electromagnetic waves. The advent of wireless phones and devices has changed the face of our world, but there are sinister side effects to the entire wireless revolution. The ebook is designed to information the public of the dangers of EMF radiation and how to protect you and your family from the dangers that it contains. The chapters cover topics such as how to determine how sensitive (if at all) you are to the dangers of Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation. The next chapter contains the options and studies of real scientists and health professionals, so that you can be fully educated on what goes on inside your body and how to prevent danger. The other chapters discuss how to petition for more safety regulations, how to keep yourself safe, and how to avoid getting hurt. Protect your family from dangerous radiation today!

The Shadow Side Of The Wireless Revolution Summary

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EMF Health Summit

The EMF health summit 2018 event is a pure representative of a rare, unique opportunity which uses fully proven strategies to help everyone learn how to protect themselves from the EMF products and live a healthy lifestyle. This program has seen a lot of creativity in its design as a team a health expert have come together to share all that they have discovered throughout their experience about the EMF. These experts will also educate you on the health hazards associated with the EMF as well as -give you lessons on how you can protect yourself from the EMF and live a healthy lifestyle. It is factual that we experience the magnified radiations from different appliances that we use as well as through the use of cell phones, WIFI, and Bluetooth. By registering for the EMF health summit program, you will instantly get access to free bonuses given by these health experts to help you live a healthy lifestyle. Based on the many benefits associated with the EMF health summit 2018 program, I highly recommend everyone who has not yet joined the program to do so and mark the beginning of a healthy lifestyle.

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Radio Frequency Communications

In the case of wireless networks, the medium for communications is the EM field, the region of space that is influenced by the electromagnetic radiation. (Unlike audio waves, radio waves do not require a medium such as air or water to propagate.) As with wired networks, amplitude decreases with distance, resulting in the degradation of signal strength and the ability to communicate. However, the EM field is also dispersed according to the properties of the transmitting antenna, not tightly bound, as is the case with communication on a wire. The area over which the radio waves propagate from an electromagnetic source is known as the Fresnel zone. To mitigate the effects of interference from these devices and other sources of electromagnetic interference, RF-based wireless networks employ spread-spectrum technologies. Spread-spectrum provides a way to share bandwidth with other devices that are operating in the same frequency range. Rather than operating on a single, dedicated...

Objective Answers

Correct Fiber-optic cable is completely resistant to electromagnetic interference because it uses light pulses instead of electrical charges for signaling. C. Incorrect IEEE 802.11b is a wireless networking protocol, but it is still affected by electromagnetic interference, whether it uses the ad hoc topology or the infra structure topology. D. Incorrect IEEE 802.11b is a wireless networking protocol, but it is still affected by electromagnetic interference, whether it uses the ad hoc topology or the infra structure topology.

Instructor Notes

A wireless network uses technology that enables two or more devices to communicate through standard network protocols and electromagnetic waves not network cabling to carry signals over part or all of the communication path. This module describes how to plan and implement security for wireless networks.

Locating Cables

Creating the cabling diagram requires more than a simple floor plan of the site. To route the cables properly, the network designers must be aware of any obstacles that can interfere with the cable's installation or performance, and these obstacles often do not appear on standard floor plans. For example, when using copper-based cable such as UTP, you must know the locations of fluorescent light fixtures and other possible sources of electromagnetic interference so that the installer knows to route the cables around them. You should also document the locations of heating and air conditioning ducts, plenums, firewalls, and other obstacles that the installer might have to route cables around or through. In most cases, this requires the network designer to carefully examine the site.

Key Terms

A Fast Ethernet LAN connecting 50 workstations in a factory environment with large amounts of electromagnetic interference. 100Base-FX, because only a fiber-optic network is resistant to electromagnetic interference. Advantages Fiber-optic cables are immune to electromagnetic interference, can span longer distances, and are inherently more secure than copper cables. Disadvantages Fiber-optic cables are more expensive than copper, more difficult to install, and require specialized tools. For a network that uses copper-based cables, fluorescent light fixtures can be a significant source of electromagnetic interference. A network blueprint should contain the locations of these fixtures so that the network designer can route cables around them.

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