Practice Determining Authority Information Access and CRL Availability

illegal for non-trainer use

illegal for non-trainer use

Introduction Instructions


In this practice, you will configure AIA and CDP settings for fault tolerance.

Log on to as Cohowinery\Administrator with a password of [email protected]

You are the administrator for your organization. You have recently installed a root CA on a computer named To ensure that applications can verify AIA and CDP locations in the event that the root CA is not available, you will add another Web server location to host the AIA and CDP information.

► Configure the CDP and AIA

1. Open the Certification Authority MMC snap-in.

2. Add an HTTP reference for the CDP to point to the following location:< CaName><CRLNameSuffx> <DeltaCRLAllowed>.crl.

3. Add an HTTP reference for the AIA to point to the following location:<CaName><CRLNameSuffix>

<DeltaCRLAllowed> .crt.

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