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Active Directory database log files, CA log filsKj user profiles, user data directories

You need to create additional free space on CertkillerDATA1. You also need to improve the performance of CertkillerSrv and ensure it has sufficient space for shadow copies in the future.

Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two)

A. Delete the shadow copies on CertkillerDATA1.

B. Delete Backup.bkf on CertkillerDATA3.

C. In the properties of CertkillerDATA1, relocate the shadow copies to CertkillerDATA2.

D. In the properties of CertkillerDATA1, relocate the shadow copies to CertkillerDATA3.

E. Delete CertkillerDATA3 and extend the CertkillerDATA1 partition to include the space on CertkillerDATA3.

Explanation: We can free up some space on Certkillerdata1 by configuring the Volume Shadow Service to store the shadow copies on another volume. To do this, we must first delete the existing shadow copies on Certkillerdata1 by disabling Shadow Copies and then relocate the shadow copies to Certkillerdata3 when we reenable Shadow Copies on Certkillerdata1. Incorrect Answers:

B: Backup.bkf is used by the ASR process to restore a damaged system. We should not delete this file.

C: For performance reasons, we should relocate the shadow copies to Certkillerdata3, not Certkillerdata2. E: Deleting Certkillerdata3 will result in a loss of data; namely the Backup.bkf file.

QUESTION 67 You are the network administrator for Certkiller. The network consists of a single Active Directory domain named All network servers run Windows Server 2003, and all client computers run Windows XP Professional. All client computer accounts for the sales department are located in an organizational unit (OU) named Sales.

A user named Jack, in the sales department, uses a client computer named Certkillerl. Her computer is a member of the domain. However, Jack reports that she cannot log on to the domain. You verify that a computer account for Certkillerl exists in the Sales OU. Then you log on to Certkillerl as a local Administrator and use Event Viewer to view the contents of the event log, as shown in the exhibit.

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