Open System in Control Panel. On the Remote tab, select or clear the Allow users to connect remotely to your computer check box. Click OK.

QUESTION 61 You are a network administrator for Fabrikam, Inc. The Fabrikam, Inc., network consists of a forest that contains a single Active Directory domain named Fabrikam, Inc., was recently acquired by Certkiller. The Certkiller network consists of a forest that contains two Active Directory domains named and Certkiller1, Certkiller2, and Certkiller3 are Windows Server 2003 computers. They function as domain controllers and DNS servers in their respective domains, as shown in the exhibit.

-Certkiller2 192 168XH.2



Certkillerl fabrikam.cgm

You need to configure name resolution for the domain on Certkiller3. Computers in the domain should resolve names in as quickly as possible. Name resolution to should also be fault tolerant. How should you configure the DNS forwarder IP addresses. To answer, drag the appropriate IP addresses to the correct locations in the dialog box.

Place here

IP Addresses

Certkiller3 Properties


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