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You need to configure CertkillerSrvA to communicate with CertkillerSrvB, CertkillerSrvC, and the Internet You open the TCP/IP properties of CertkillerSrvA, and you notice that the following default gateways are already configured in the order shown:

Which IP address or addresses should you remove from the default gateway addresses on CertkillerSrvA? (Choose all that apply)

Explanation: CertkillerSrv1 only needs one default gateway configured. This should be the address of the internal interface of the router; in this case All other default gateways should be removed. Note: You would only configure multiple default gateways if there are multiple routers on the same subnet as your computer. This is not the case in this question.

QUESTION 32 You are the network administrator for Certkiller. The network contains 1,300 Windows XP

Professional computers. All client computers receive their IP addresses from a DHCP server. You are configuring a DHCP scope to assign addresses to the client computes. You need to place all the client computers in the same subnet, You need to reserve 100 addresses for servers and printers that will not receive IP address assignments automatically. To allow for future growth, you need to configure the scope to host 3,800 client computers.

How should you configure the scope?

To answer, configure the appropriate option or options in the dialog box, and drag the appropriate IP address or addresses and the appropriate subnet mask to the correct locations in the dialog box. (Not all portions of the dialog box are active)

IP Addresses

DHCP Scopo Configuration mÃĢirtkiiiilig ic ,0.1 a 161

10 0,15160

Subnet Masks

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