Designing the DNS Namespace

The DNS namespace that you choose for your organization will be used for more than identifying computers on your network. Internet users accessing web resources will identify you with your external domain name. Active Directory will be based on the name that you decide to use internally. The choices you make at the design level stage will impact the rest of the name infrastructure.

InChapter 2 /'Determining Business and Technical Requirements," and Chapter 3 /'Designing the Active Directory Forest Structure," we discussed options for naming your forest root domain and the domains within that make up the trees within your forest. If you are working through this book from beginning to end, you should have already created a domain name design for Active Directory. Your DNS domain names will have to be identical to the domain names you have chosen for Active Directory.

Even if you have decided upon a domain name scheme for Active Directory, you should go back and review your decisions. As you are designing the DNS infrastructure to support your Active Directory design, you may find that the existing infrastructure is not conducive to the design that you wanted to put in place. Several things may get in your way, the first of which could be the political infighting you will encounter if you tell the current DNS administrators that you are taking over their DNS with yours. You may need to find a tactful method of working with the existing DNS administrative staff when you try to interoperate with their infrastructure.

Depending on your current environment, you have the following options available to you:

The existing infrastructure uses a legacy Microsoft DNS implementation. Windows NT 4 Server's DNS service conforms to DNS domain naming guidelines. The current namespace could be used if you are moving to a Windows Server 2003 DNS solution. If you are going to implement Active Directory, you will have to either upgrade the existing DNS servers to Windows Server 2003, or replace them with Windows Server 2003 DNS servers to support Active Directory within the network infrastructure.

The existing infrastructure uses a third-party DNS solution that adheres to standard DNS guidelines. If the third-party DNS solutions follow the DNS domain naming guidelines, you will not have to change the namespace design. However, if you are going to use Active Directory, you will need to make sure that the third-party DNS server has the correct features to support Active Directory. If the server does not you are left with the option of upgrading the current server to a version that does support Active Directory or you will have to integrate Windows Server 2003 DNS servers into the infrastructure.

The existing infrastructure uses a third-party DNS solution that does not adhere to standard DNS guidelines. If the third-party DNS solution does not conform to DNS domain naming guidelines, you will have to upgrade or redesign your DNS infrastructure to conform before implementing Windows Server 2003 DNS servers or Active Directory.

No DNS solution exists and you are implementing a new Microsoft Windows Server 2003 DNS. If you are simply implementing a DNS infrastructure, you need to design your domain names according to the organization's needs. If you are deploying Windows Server 2003 DNS to support Active Directory, follow your Active Directory naming requirements when you design the domain namespace.

The existing infrastructure uses a namespace that you do not want to use for Active Directory, but you do not want to redesign the current namespace. Either create an Active Directory namespace that will be a child of the existing namespace so that you can separate the two namespaces, or create a new namespace that will be used in conjunction with the existing namespace.

Prior to implementing DNS zones, you need to know the names that you will need to support for your organization. In the following section we will take a look at the namespace requirements for internal and external domain names.

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