Hicorrect Answers: □

□: □Modifying the schema would be obsolete as it would result in additional administrative efforts. □

□: □ you want to avoid adding to the administrative efforts that has to be done, then you do not have to modify the schema. □

□: When you copy the template account, the copy will have the same group membership as the template account. □

The copy will have the default remote access permission when one copies the template account. Therefore, we need to manually assign the appropriate remote access permission to the new user accounts. □ D

Deborah Littlejohn Shinder, Dr. Thomas W. Shinder, Laura E. Hunter and Will Schmied, Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment Study Guide & DVD


Dou are the network administrator for All user accounts and groups in the domain are in the container named Users.D D

Dompany naming conventions require that names of global groups begin with G_ and names of domain local groups begin with DL_. A domain local group named HRServices does not meet the requirements. The HRServices group has one global group member named G_HRUsers. The HRServices group is assigned to Allow -Full Control permission for a shared folder named HRFiles. The shard folder is located on a file server.D D

Dou need to rename the HRServices group to meet the naming convention requirements. In addition, you need to ensure that user access to the HRFiles shared folder is not disrupted while you perform the procedure.D D

What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)D D

□. Open Active Directory Users and Computers, and then delete the existing HRServices domain local group. Create a new domain local group named DL_HRServices. Add the

G_HRUsers group to the DL_HRServices group. Assign the DL_HRServices group the □

Allow - Full Control permission for the HRFiles shared folder. □

□. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers, and then change the name of the

HRservices group to DL_HRServices. □

CN=DL_HRServices,CN=Users,,DC=com - member


D. Run the following command: □kmove

CN=HRServices,CN=Users,DC=testking,DC=com -newname DL_HRServicesD D

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