Before You Begin

To complete the lessons in this chapter, you must have done the following:

■ Installed and configured the evaluation edition of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition in accordance with the instructions listed in the Introduction .

Orin Thomas

When I started working in IT, few of my colleagues would have considered a certificate server a necessary part of network infrastructure. An organization needed DNS and DHCP servers (though to be honest, we used BOOTP because DHCP hadn't been introduced yet), but certificate servers were seen as an infrastructure novelty rather than as a necessity. The important place that digital certificates hold in a Windows Server 2008 network infrastructure is indicative of how the role of Certificate Services has changed over the past decade and a half. Whereas certificate servers were once an oddity on a corporate network, today you would be hard pressed to find a large corporate network that doesn't have Certificate Services deployed to some extent. As an experienced systems administrator, you need to be as familiar with the functionality of Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) as you are with the functionality of DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) itself.

Orin Thomas

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