Case Scenario Configuring DHCP

You are working as a consultant for Northwind Traders . The company has recently upgraded all its domain controllers and member servers at its head office to Windows Server 2008 The DHCP server role is implemented on a member server on each of the company's two networks . IPv4 scopes and options have been configured, and the 80:20 rule is implemented. The company is planning to implement IPv6 addresses. Answer the following questions:

1. Northwind Traders' network manager wants to know whether she can use DHCP to allocate IPv6 configuration and whether she needs to purchase any additional hardware or software . She is not keen to have IPv6 addresses configured manually on client machines. What do you tell her?

2. The technical director has heard of Hyper-V and sees it as an economical way of implementing virtual clusters on the network and providing a high-availability solution at little extra cost . He wants to know if there are any problems combining Hyper-V with the DHCP server service . What do you tell him?

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