Case Scenario Contoso Ltd Wireless Access

You are part of a team that is planning the deployment of a wireless network at the new Copenhagen office of Contoso, Ltd. The building that hosts the Contoso office is five floors high, with the top two floors devoted to executive offices. Recently, several stories have been published in the Danish press about unauthorized access to corporate networks by attackers who compromise preshared keys. The executives at Contoso do not want their network to be vulnerable to this type of attack. Executives also do not want wireless users to use smart cards or to type in logon credentials to gain access to the Contoso wireless network. Finally, executives want to ensure that only their computers are able to connect to wireless networks on the top two floors . As part of planning the Contoso wireless deployment, your team must find answers to the following questions:

1. What steps should you take to ensure that none of the WAPs at your organization authenticate connections by using preshared keys?

2. Which method of authentication must you select when configuring wireless access policies?

3. How can you accommodate the executives' desire for exclusive access to WAPs on the building's top two floors?

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