Configuring and Using AD RMS

When you have installed AD RMS, configure the AD RMS cluster and prepare the usage policies you want to implement in your network. If you want to make AD RMS available outside your network, add an extranet cluster URL to your configuration. If you want to integrate AD RMS services with partners, configure proxy settings and install Identity Federation Support . You can (if you want to) configure AD RMS certificates and change the default validation periods. Configure trust policies so your AD RMS cluster interoperates with other clusters.

You can configure exclusion policies so that some rights-protection policies do not apply to the entire organization but only to specified users or departments . Prepare user accounts for integration with AD RMS and configure policy templates that facilitate the rights-protection process for your users . You can also configure exclusion policies for applications .

Become familiar with the various AD RMS clients you need to support and with the databases required for AD RMS operation.

You can configure AD RMS by using the Active Directory Rights Management Services console that is integrated with Server Manager or accessed through Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT). Figure 6-15 shows this console .

Rms Templates
FIGURE 6-15 The Active Directory Rights Management Services console accessed from Server Manager.

Add the AD RMS cluster you have created to the Active Directory Rights Management Services console . Figure 6-16 shows the AD RMS cluster tool in Server Manager.

Rms Extranet Cluster Urls
FIGURE 6-16 The AD RMS cluster tool in Server Manager.

You can use this tool to carry out the following tasks:

■ Configure trust policies

■ Manage AD RMS certificates

■ Configure an extranet URL

■ Configure exclusion policies

■ Prepare accounts and access rights

■ Configure a Super Users group

■ Create and use policy templates

■ Work with AD RMS clients

■ Manage databases

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