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The ping6 command-line tool is not supported in Windows Server 2008.

Tools specific to IPv6 are provided in the netsh (network shell) command structure . For example, the netsh interface ipv6 show neighbors command shows the IPv6 interfaces of all hosts on the local subnet. You use this command in the practice session later in this lesson, after you have configured IPv6 connectivity on a subnet.

Verifying IPv6 Configuration and Connectivity

If you are troubleshooting connectivity problems or merely want to check your configuration, arguably the most useful tool—and certainly one of the most used—is ipconfig. The ipconfig /all tool displays both IPv4 and IPv6 configuration . The output from this tool was shown in Figure 1-3, earlier in this lesson

If you want to display the configuration of only the IPv6 interfaces on the local computer, you can use the netsh interface ipv6 show address command. Figure 1-6 shows the output of this command run on the Glasgow computer. Note the % character followed by a number after each IPv6 address . This is the interface ID, which identifies the interface configured with the IPv6 address.

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