Current Backups

Make sure you back up your system before you do the upgrade. Remember, the only way to know if a backup works is to do a sample restore and make sure you can get your data successfully. I also recommend you have two tapes and you store one off-site. Here are some tips to help you establish a backup plan:

• Develop backup and restore strategies with appropriate resources and personnel, and then test them.

• A good plan ensures you can quickly recover your data if it's lost.

• Give the responsibilities of backup and restore to a designated backup administrator.

• Back up an entire volume to prepare for the unlikely event of a disk failure. This lets you restore the entire volume in one operation.

• Back up the directory services database (Active Directory) to prevent the loss of user account and security information. This must be done locally.

• Keep two copies of the backup media. Keep one copy off-site.

• Perform a trial restoration at times to verify your files were properly backed up.

Your backup strategy will be tailored to your organization, but you must have one, especially if you're clustering and saving every piece of company data to a shared storage solution. Make sure you have a plan to back up and restore this data in an emergency. Also, make sure that your back up software is cluster friendly.

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