Lesson Managing Access to Printers Using Shared Printer Permissions

What Are Shared Printer Permissions? Why Modify Shared Printer Permissions? How to Manage Access to Printers

Introduction Most corporate printers do not enforce security on printers, because limiting who can print to a printer may be counterproductive in a work environment. However, strict security should be enabled for some printers, such as printers that print payroll checks or high-capacity printers that print bound booklets or photo-quality print jobs. You must configure printer security to enable the correct people to use the printers with the level of access they need to do their job.

Lesson objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

■ Explain the different types of shared printer permissions.

■ Explain why you modify shared printer permissions.

■ Manage access to printers by setting and removing permissions for a printer.

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