Practice Configuring Quota Limits

in this practice, you will configure quota limite




In this practice, you will configure quota limits.

You are the systems administrator for an organizational unit on a large network. The department manager has decided to allocate space on the department server for employees' personal files. However, the manager has asked you to put a 10-MB limit on the amount of personal data that each user is allowed to store on the server. You will need to configure disk quotas to limit the amount of space each user is allowed on the D drive.

1. Log on to the domain as Administrator with a password of [email protected]

You must log on as Administrator in this practice, because Windows Explorer cannot be started using the Run As command.

2. In Windows Explorer, open the Properties dialog box for the D drive.

3. On the Quota tab, select the Enable quota management check box.

4. Enable the following options:

a. Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit b. Limit disk space to 10 MB

c. Set the warning level to 9 MB

d. Log event when a user exceeds their quota limit e. Log event when a user exceeds their warning level

5. Close all windows and log off.

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