Configuring File Recovery Agents

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Data recovery is important when employees leave the company or lose their private keys. If you ever lose your file encryption certificate and your private key through disk failure or some other reason, the designated recovery agent can recover the data. This is why it's critical to export, save, and archive recovery agent credentials. This also provides the ability for a company to recover an employee's data after he or she has left the company.

EFS recovery policy specifies the data recovery agent accounts to be within the scope of the policy (OU, domain, site, local computer). EFS requires an Encrypted Data Recovery Agent policy be defined before it can be used. If none has been chosen, EFS will use a default recovery agent account. Within the scope of a domain, only the Domain Admins group can designate an account as the recovery agent account. Where there is no domain, the local Administrator account is the default data recovery agent.

In Exercise 9.06, we'll step through adding a recovery agent for the local computer.

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