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Wise Technician Computer Repair Business Summary

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The motherboard is, in many ways, the most important component in your computer (not the processor, although the processor gets much more attention). If the processor is the brain of the computer, the motherboard and its major components (the chipset, BIOS, cache, and so on) are the major systems that this brain uses to control the rest of the computer. Having a good understanding of how the motherboard works is probably the most critical part of understanding the PC. The motherboard plays an important role in the following vital aspects of your computer system (and notice how many are here) Organization. Everything is eventually connected to the motherboard. The way that the motherboard is designed and laid out dictates how the entire computer is going to be organized. Control. The motherboard contains the BIOS program and chipset, which, between the two, control most of the data flow. Communication. Almost all communication between the PC and its peripherals, other PCs, and you, the...

Adding Additional CPUs

When you install Windows Server 2003 on a multiprocessor computer with only one central processor unit (CPU), the Windows Server 2003 Setup program will install a uniprocessor kernel on the computer. You can add a second CPU to the computer by inserting the CPU in the motherboard, according to the manufacturer's instructions, and restarting the computer. On reboot, the system will detect the additional CPU and will replace the uniprocessor system drivers with the multiprocessor equivalents. You can verify that the system sees the second CPU by opening the Performance window in Task Manager. The Performance window should show graphs for each CPU. If the Performance window does not display a graph for the second CPU, make sure it is fully seated and that no changes are required in CMOS. Also, make sure the voltage regulators or other motherboard devices are in place and firmly seated.

Beware the Golden Fingers

Reading motherboard or adapter manuals from offshore manufacturers gives you a unique opportunity to decipher the bizarre forms that written English can sometimes take in the hands of non-native speakers. For example, one Taiwanese company describes an edge connector (the part of the NIC that plugs into a PC's bus slot) as golden fingers.

Planning for Fault Tolerant Disks

RAID 0 is disk striping without parity. Although it accounts for faster disk reads and writes, no fault tolerance is involved whatsoever in RAID 0. If a disk failure occurs, you can't rebuild the rest of the data by inserting a new disk into the set. Raid 1 is the beginning of fault tolerance within RAID, but it's slower, depending on which version of RAID 1 you implement. RAID 1 with mirroring is achieved by using two disks within a system on the same motherboard controller. When data is written to one disk, it's then written to the second disk achieving fault tolerance. When one disk fails, the other has a working version of the data ready to go. With mirroring, you have a single point of failure, which is removed from the equation when you implement RAID 1 disk duplexing. This is the same as mirroring, except you're now working from two disk controllers on the motherboard instead of one. RAID 5 is the fastest and most common RAID version used today that also offers fault tolerance....

Uninstalling Devices and Device Drivers

You uninstall a Plug and Play device by disconnecting or removing the device from your computer. Some devices, such as cards that plug into the motherboard, require that you turn off the computer first. To ensure that you uninstall a Plug and Play device properly, consult the device manufacturer's installation and removal instructions.

Protecting a Windows Network from Disasters

Every company or organization that uses computers, especially servers, is concerned with data loss. This could be from a fire or any natural disaster, but most often comes from computer failure. This could be a critical component such as a motherboard or hard drive. Depending on the disaster, there is a strong possibility of downtime, which is what can cost a company the most money. Without critical business systems being up and operational, the company can lose money while printing presses, conveyer belts, or shipping and receiving systems are down. Most often, the downed system affects all other systems that are dependent on it. For example, in a paper-making company, if one of the first processes fails, it can affect the rest of the line, such as roll tracking, boxing, shipping, and inventory. Motherboards are one of the most reliable components within a computer, even though they consist of many smaller soldered components. Some vendors will provide software for monitoring the...

Maintaining Windows Bit Applications

Windows 2000 is also capable of being a multiprocessor operating system. This completely depends, of course, on having multiple processors installed on the motherboard. Windows 2000 Server supports up to four processors. Windows 2000 Advanced Server supports up to eight processors. The multiprocessor capabilities use a system called symmetric multiprocessing. Symmetric multiprocessing systems like Windows 2000 allocate processor time from any available (or the least busy) processor. This is as opposed to asymmetric processor systems in which one processor (the master) is responsible for switching between tasks, regardless of how busy (or idle) that processor is at any given time.

Objective Questions

You are the administrator at Contoso's Antarctic research facility. You have just built a server out of old components lying around the storeroom to replace a newer one that is being transported back to Tasmania to have its motherboard, processor, and RAM replaced. The server will be used as the facility's primary Domain Name System (DNS) server. You take a performance baseline of the servers operation in its first few days of operation. The following are the average results

Refresher Clientserver computing model

Notice, however, that although servers have been getting bigger, faster, and fancier, so, too, have the clients. The average workstation on the market probably carries a more powerful processor and a faster motherboard than the servers that have been faithfully plugging away 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the past five or more years. Is anything wrong with that Yes, in an enterprise-computing environment, something is wrong there.

Failed Certification Authority

Like most things in computing, problems with CAs can come from a variety of sources. After all, CA failure can be caused by a server hard drive failure, a network adapter that has failed, or even a server motherboard failure. Basic troubleshooting tools should help you locate and correct some of the problems with the CA server. Replacing a failed network adapter or a failed motherboard can restore certificate services quickly.

HDD controllers

The standard HDD controllers that are built onto most motherboards suffice for most server and data-processing needs. Small business systems configured with IDE or EIDE cards work well with onboard controllers (that is, on the motherboard) or your vanilla controller that sells for less than 50.

Drive Errors

If you see a hard drive error during POST, you have a serious problem. Of course, you don't panic, because you back up every night, right Actually, I've found that at least half the time the problem is the controller, not the drive, and replacing the controller lets the drive boot normally, with all data intact. If an embedded controller dies, you don't have to buy a new motherboard, because you can buy a controller card. Check the documentation for the motherboard to see the tasks required to make the BIOS see the card instead of looking for the embedded chip.

Other Spare Parts

So, you've got a spare power supply, and a spare hard drive for your array, but are there any other parts that you should keep a spare of around Yes. Any other peripheral or card that you couldn't run your business without is a good candidate for a spare. An obvious choice is a spare network card, ideally of the same type as is in your server. That gets a bit more difficult when the network interface is on the motherboard, as is common these days, but even if it's not the same type as your existing network interfaces, having a server-quality network card available and ready to drop into the server in the event of a failure can make it much quicker to recover.


The activation process requires that a 50-digit code be generated for your computer system. This code is unique to your system and is used to associate your product key with your computer system. If any other computer attempts to activate the same product key on a different computer. Microsoft will think you've pirated their software or at least attempted to install it on another system without purchasing another package. The gotcha to Activation is this computer ID, which is generated by pulling unique IDs from 10 different parts of your computer, including your motherboard, CPU, and hard drives. If you change six of these parts, the system thinks you've changed computers, and your activated status will be terminated. You have to re-contact Microsoft and explain that you've only upgraded your existing system and that you're not just installing the product onto a completely new second system. Can we say major headaches ahead

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The Ultimate Computer Repair Guide

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