Setting Server Logging Properties

The first place from which you can control server logging is at the server level. You use the Logging tab (see Figure 7.11) to control what level of detail you want in the server's event log. It should be noted that these controls regulate all logging by RRAS, not just remote access log entries. You have four choices for the level of logged detail:

■ The Log Errors Only radio button instructs the server to log errors and nothing else. This gives you adequate indication of problems after they happen, but it doesn't point out potential problems noted by warning messages.

■ The Log Errors And Warnings radio button is the default choice. This forces the server to log error and warning messages to the event log, giving you a nice balance between information content and log volume.

■ The Log All Events radio button causes the RRAS service to log mass quantities of messages, covering literally everything the server does. While this voluminous output is useful for troubleshooting (or even for getting a better understanding of how remote access works), it's overkill for everyday use.

■ The Do Not Log Any Events radio button turns off all event logging for RRAS.

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