User Profiles Policies

In Windows 2000 Server, user profile policy settings were grouped with the logon policy settings. Windows Server 2003 separates them under a new category, User Profiles, for a cleaner administrative interface. Table 3.9 describes the most commonly configured options available.

TABLE 3.9 User Profiles Policy Options

User Profiles Policy Description

Delete Cached Copies Of Specifies that a local copy of the roaming profile should

Roaming Profiles not be saved to the local computer. Normally, you want to save a local copy of a roaming profile because loading a copy locally is faster than loading from a network drive.

Do Not Detect Slow Network By default, the system will try to detect slow links and

Connections respond to slow links differently than it does to faster links.

Setting this policy disables the detection of slow links.

Slow Network Connection Timeout Allows you to specify what a slow network connection is. For User Profiles

Wait For Remote User Profile

Specifies that if a roaming profile is used, the roaming (network) copy of the profile should be used rather than a locally cached copy of the profile.

Prompt User When Slow Link Is Detected

Notifies users of a slow link and prompts them to select whether they will use a locally cached copy of a user profile or the roaming (network) copy.

Timeout For Dialog Boxes

Allows you to configure the default time-out value that will be used to display dialog boxes.

Log Users Off When Roaming Profile Fails

Specifies that if a roaming profile is not available, the user should be logged off. If you do not enable this option and a roaming profile fails to load, the user will use a locally cached copy or the default user profile.

140 Chapter 3 ■ Administering Security Policy TABLE 3.9 User Profiles Policy Options (continued)

User Profiles Policy Description

Maximum Retries To Unload And Determines the number of retries the system will take if Update User Profile it tries to update the portions of the Registry that store user profile information and the update is not successful.

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