Lesson Summary

■ Active Directory supports several types of names: distinguished names, relative distinguished names, canonical names, and user principal names.

■ Two operations master roles you need to take into consideration when implementing a naming scheme are: the domain naming master, which handles adding and removing domains; and the relative ID master, which allocates sequences of RIDs to each of the domain controllers in its domain.

■ The DNS namespace is hierarchical. The NetBIOS namespace is flat. Names for both are created for each object in Active Directory. NetBIOS names (such as computer and domain names) can only be 15 characters, while DNS names can be up to 64. You should plan for short (15 characters or fewer) names that fit both requirements.

■ You have three options for handling registered DNS names. The first is to use the registered DNS name of the company as the name of the Active Directory root domain. The second is to use a subdomain of the registered DNS name as the root domain for Active Directory. The third is to use a different internal and external name, although this option is not recommended.

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