Configuring Multicast Scopes

Multicast scopes provide DHCP functionality to clients via a multicast IP address. Multicast addresses are secondary addresses that can be assigned to computers to make them members of a multicast group. This allows messages to be sent to multiple computers by using a single address, as opposed to unicast addressing in which messages are addressed to one individual computer.

Multicast addresses fall within the Class D address range of to Multicasting provides a one-to-many relationship and is often used for applications such as live media streaming or video conferencing. A proposed standard protocol called the Multicast Address Dynamic Allocation Protocol (MADCAP) determines how each multicast address is assigned to each MADCAP client. See Figure 3.29 for the Multicast Scope Configuration Wizard dialog box.

Figure 3.29 Configuring a Multicast Scope

Figure 3.29 Configuring a Multicast Scope

To create a multicast scope, follow these steps:

1. In the left pane of the DHCP MMC, right-click the node for the DHCP server.

2. Click New Multicast scope. This will invoke the New Multicast Scope Wizard.

3. On the welcome page, click Next.

4. On the Multicast Scope Name page, type a name for the multicast scope and a description if desired. Click Next.

5. On the IP Address Range page (shown in Figure 3.30), type a starting and ending IP address within the to range.You can also configure the Time to Live (TTL), which represents the number of "hops" (routers) the multicast traffic will go through. Click Next.

6. On the Add Exclusions page, you can enter any addresses within the scope range that you want to exclude. Click Next.

7. On the Lease Duration page, you can change the default of 30 days if desired, as shown in Figure 3.30. Click Next.

8. On the Activate Multicast Scope page, select Yes (the default) if you want to activate the scope, and click Next.

9. On the last page, click Finish to complete the wizard.

Figure 3.30 Configuring a Multicast Scope Lease

Figure 3.30 Configuring a Multicast Scope Lease

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