Windows Server Active Directory Integrated DNS Servers

0 Zones can be integrated into Active Directory either before or after they are created.

0 Secure dynamic updates can be configured for any Active Directory integrated zones.

0 Secure dynamic updates implement security via the ACL list using the Kerberos v5 protocol.

0 Microsoft implements secure dynamic updates via GSS-API as outlined in

RFC2078. It does not implement secure dynamic updates via methods outlined in either RFC 2535 or 2137.

0 Active Directory integrated zones are stored within the Active Directory database as objects.

0 The dnsZone object defines the zone, the dnsProperty object describes details about the dnsZone object, and the dnsNode object is the equivalent of a resource record in a standard zone file.

0 Zone data is replicated when Active Directory replicates. This reduces administration and also reduces network traffic related to replication because Active Directory uses compression during replication.

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