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Minneapolis Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Calhoun, the company occupies a sprawling campus that includes four floors in a six-story building. Since the merger, the Lake Calhoun facility has become a model of efficiency. Besides being linked to all of the other offices, everyone is beginning to take the notion of an enterprise network seriously.

All of the floors are connected to the Windows 2000 network. The Minneapolis location is a domain in the tree. Active Directory Services have been deployed to the main campus and the rollout is complete in the branch offices. The desktop and laptop rollout company-wide took longer than expected, but it is now completed. The CEO wants to know what the IT team is doing to make sure that everyone within the company can access resources all over the tree, as well as protect the network.

The corporate network was so impressive it helped this company snag a very large contract with a very large customer. This customer has suddenly started to make some demands. It wants your company to establish local offices to service its account in several locations worldwide. These offices would house 5 to 10 people and the way it looks now, each office would have its own Windows 2000 servers and a router to the Internet.

Orlando The Orlando office is a domain in the corporate tree. It has some valuable resources that need to be made available to the rest of company, particularly the folks in Athens.

The large contract had a long-term effect on Orlando. Current corporate strategy calls for the new contract to be managed in Minneapolis for the first year, and then moved to Orlando after that. In this case, all the local offices will have to access to Orlando domain.

Athens The Athens office is now fully staffed at 2,300. The location has discovered that the business is doing well, and the extra folks are justified. The office has been upgraded to Windows 2000 servers and Athens is now its own domain in the tree.

Athens has always been ahead of the curve. When the new contract was announced, Athens' manufacturing geared up for the task, and can now handle that stage. Because the customer wants to be able to look at all the stages of inventory, the customer will need to be able to access the Athens facility as well as Minneapolis and Orlando.

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