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Minneapolis Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Calhoun, the company occupies a sprawling campus that includes four floors in a six-story building. Since the merger, the Lake Calhoun facility has become a model of efficiency. Besides being linked to all of the other offices, everyone is finally moved and the company seems to moving forward steadily.

All of the floors are connected to the Windows 2000 network. The Minneapolis location is a site in the tree. The network is getting closer to native mode. Active Directory Services have been deployed to the main campus and the rollout is continuing in the branch offices. Security is still the hot topic, and the CEO has just signed off on the purchase of hundreds of new desktops that are Windows 2000 Professional-compatible, as well as new laptops for dozens of managers. The CEO wants to know what the IT team is doing to streamline configuration and management of all these machines. In addition, she is concerned that some of the managers are carrying around information vital to the company. If one of the laptops is lost or stolen, that information could devastate the company.

Orlando The Orlando office has become a site in the corporate tree. The Orlando manager has coordinated with the Minneapolis team to order new computers. Desktops are all going to be running Windows 2000 Professional with NTFS. There is concern about some of the GPOs being discussed at the Minneapolis level. Also, the IT folks in Orlando are getting worried that they will be outsourced or laid off as the rollout continues.

Athens The Athens office is now fully staffed at 2,300. The location has discovered that the business is doing well, and the extra folks are justified. The office has been upgraded to Windows 2000 servers and Athens is now its own domain in the tree.

Athens has always been ahead of the curve. They have already rolled out their new 1,500 hosts, replacing all the old computers. All the replacement machines, and all the machines for the new people, are running Windows 2000 Professional. The Athens IT director has stressed time and time again how these machines must be alike, for the sake of intercompany politics and to ease the burden on the Help desk. The Athens IT director has also said that the Athens domain has created and implemented several GPOs.

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