Overview Some users have complained of slow performance. The CEO has made it very clear that you are to find the cause of the performance issues and rectify as needed.

Orlando branch manager "It is so difficult for us to try to communicate with anyone in this company. My god, half the people in the home office don't even have e-mail addresses! When is this company going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the '80s?"

Overview While you have not been given carte blanche by the CEO, he has made it clear that money isn't necessarily an issue, within reason of course. The problems need to be solved so that the company can safely continue to manufacture their products in the most efficient manner possible.

CEO & CFO "Look, we don't think that we need the Rolls Royce of installations, but we can tell you that everything is riding on our ability to ship our combined products in a timely manner, and the network we're asking you to build is going to be a big part of that. We think the company will continue to grow, though not as rapidly as in the last several months. So, that being said, give us a network that makes sense."

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