Managing Maintenance Strategies

Every company has a disaster recovery plan. How formal that plan is depends on a multitude of factors. In some IT departments, unfortunately, the disaster recovery plan consists of making sure the IT staff knows where the best employment search engines are located on the Web. Most companies, however, will have some plan in place for a variety of disasters. If you institute a PKI, you will have to revisit that plan to make sure the special circumstances presented are covered. In this section we are going to offer some hints to help you define your maintenance and disaster recovery strategies for CAs. Maintenance and disaster recovery strategies look a lot like the maintenance and disaster recovery policies you have in place for other data. It includes:

■ The different types of backups that you will perform to protect the CAs

■ The schedule that you will use for conducting the backups of the CAs

■ The policies that are in-place for restoring CAs

■ The policies concerning the use of the EFS recovery agents

■ The policies that surround the recovery of secure mail

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Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

Understanding SEO Help People Find Your Business

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