Overview The CEO is thrilled to death with the new connection to the Internet. She has been able to communicate with the remote offices in a more efficient manner, and she is glad to have all the functionality she had at her last job. She received the monthly reports from the general managers in Greece and Orlando, and was able to review the reports and formulate questions for the managers and their staff.

Orlando branch manager "It is wonderful now that we can communicate with anyone in this company. Some of the people in the home office are still a little shaky using e-mail, but at least they have it. It is a great improvement. I understand that Windows 2000 will make things even better. We have so many remote users that are running around with vital information on their laptops, it will be great to get that encrypted."

Athens branch manager "Will the Windows 2000 rollout mean we will have to buy a new server? Can we still keep our Unix hosts?"

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