Pre Acquisition

In the pre-acquisition phase, the companies begin the dance that will lead to the eventual marriage. Someone calls someone else, a hint is dropped at a meeting, or a rumor is circulated. Let the games begin. For our sake, let us assume that we are the company doing the acquiring (not that it matters), and that this is a friendly takeover, not an angst ridden, guilt ridden, and unfriendly takeover.

First of all, the call comes into IT that we are looking to take over the ABC Company, and our suits want to access their network to get information on the state of the company. You have to make that happen. If the target firm has a corporate intranet, and the other IT department is willing to share the information, this could be a task as simple as an e-mail or two, saying let us in.

As the talks heat up and begin to get serious, now it is necessary to view what kind of network the target has, how it is configured, and what security policies it has in place. How does the current network match your network standards? What types of information will you need to get the new combined systems to talk to each other in the most secure way possible?

This may involve adding another tree to your forest!

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