Review Questions

1. According to Microsoft, the network design process consists of three phases:

A. Purchase, Install, Manage

B. Planning and Design, Implementation, Management

C. Installation, Configuration, Administration

D. Setup, Installation, Configuration

2. What is the method of providing information instantaneously to anyone attached to a corporate network called?

A. Paperless office

B. Digital Nervous System

C. Office 2000 scenario

D. Office implementation

3. A regional office differs from a branch office in what way?

A. The regional office implies some form of management responsibility.

B. The branch office implies some form of management responsibility.

C. Neither office has any form of management.

4. When is a network design considered available?

A. When the first PDC is installed and users are added

B. When users can get to the technology and use it in a meaningful fashion

C. Whenever the network is considered up

D. Whenever a new resource is added

5. What is the performance part of a design based on?

A. Response time specified by business needs

B. Bandwidth

C. Business needs

D. Equipment needs

E. The speed of the processor in each of the domain controllers and the speed of the network infrastructure

6. In IT, what constitutes a service life cycle?

A. How long it takes to restore data after a server has crashed.

B. How long a server can remain in service

C. The principle that the importance of the Information Technology department is the delivery of services to its customers.

D. The service contract you have with an outside vendor.

7. What is communication flow?

A. The way the telephone answering system is set up

B. Message flow in any electronic messaging system

C. The organizational chart

D. The way communications are handled through the levels of the organizational chart

8. What is information flow?

A. The accessibility of information

B. The way information is made available

C. All of the above

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