In this chapter, we spent some time talking about the way that Windows 2000 works and plays well with other file systems, and how these different file systems interact with Server Message Blocks, or SMB. These can work with Apple systems, Novell systems, and Unix machines.

Then we looked at the different ways you can configure IP Security to maintain secure communications between hosts on the same network and by setting up a tunnel between hosts on different networks. When you think of all the options you have to configure IPSec on your network, you can see how difficult it would make the life of an intruder. Keep in mind, as you begin to institute these IPSec policies, one wrong click and all of a sudden the rest of the system may not recognize a key resource on your network. It is always a very good idea to test, test, and test an implementation before putting it into production. This is certainly a very valid suggestion when talking about IPSec.

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