Other Spare Parts

So, you've got a spare power supply, and a spare hard drive for your array, but are there any other parts that you should keep a spare of around? Yes. Any other peripheral or card that you couldn't run your business without is a good candidate for a spare. An obvious choice is a spare network card, ideally of the same type as is in your server. That gets a bit more difficult when the network interface is on the motherboard, as is common these days, but even if it's not the same type as your existing network interfaces, having a server-quality network card available and ready to drop into the server in the event of a failure can make it much quicker to recover.

Another candidate is a spare video card, though this is less critical. You can, after all, always Remote Desktop into the server if you need to, and replacement video cards are easy and quick to come by.

Any other cards or peripherals that you would have problems doing without for the time it takes to get a new one to replace a failure is a good candidate for your spare-parts cabinet. We like to keep a spare network switch with a few spare network cables available. Another smart choice is to keep a spare of your DSL modem or boundary router.

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