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The Next Great Hire

This online course is your complete crash course on how to get your first entry-level sales job. In the field of sales, everything is based on how you perform. However, when you have no experience from the past, how are you supposed to show them that you are the right person for the job? You don't have any real way to prove that you are the person that they are looking for. Now, with this guide, you don't have to worry about that anymore. This guide teaches you what the top managers are looking for, and what you need to do to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. This course was designed by Lauren Brasier, a college athlete who became a top New York City sales executive. All the information from this 6-part course is information that has been repeatedly tested in real-life sales examples.

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Contents: Online Course
Author: Lauren Brasier
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Social Selling Sumo Summary

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Exercise Create a User Template

Last Name Sales Representative Note As mentioned in the chapter's Before You Begin section, you should create a group in the Security Groups OU called Sales Representatives. If you have not created such a group, do so now. 8. Open the properties of the Template Sales Representative object. Sales Representatives 2. Select the Template Sales Representative object.

Determining Requirements for Securing Data

Sonal data such as credit card information, Social Security numbers, or other unique identifiers. It's also a critical matter when attempting to secure the kinds of intellectual property that we've already discussed once a piece of secret information has been disclosed, there is no real way to un-disclose it. However, determining the confidentiality of data is not only a matter of determining whether a piece of information is secret. When considering confidentiality, you also need to control how data can be accessed. For example, a sales representative using a database query to generate a list of follow-up customer service calls would not be a breach of your data's confidentiality. However, that same sales representative querying the same database for a list of e-mail addresses to use in her own personal mass e-mailing would be another matter entirely. Therefore, the confidentiality of data depends not only on who can access it, but how they are doing so.

Controlling the Pilot Program

Handling Objections to Server-Based Computing Despite careful pilot participant selection, some ssens may stlli objectto the concept. Be prepared to do a quick sales job that shows them both the personal and corporate benetlts of migraiing to an SBC environment. If you run into unreasonable or unfounded objections, be ready to pass them to the proper management members. The executive sponsor for thie phot is an excellsnt choice to heip handle objections. Another important tool is to have the facts at hand regarding any objectioSi

Overriding Inheritance

To override an inherited permission by assigning an explicit permission, simply check the appropriate permissions box. For example, if a folder has an inherited Allow Read permission assigned to the Sales Reps group, and you do not want Sales Reps to access the folder, you can select the box to Deny Read.

Answers to Review Questions

The default configuration for RRAS supports 5 PPTP ports and 5 L2TP ports. There are up to 150 sales reps trying to connect to the server, but only the first 10 will be able to connect. You have to increase the number of ports available, up to 1000, by using the Ports Properties dialog box. The Windows XP Professional clients are by default ready to support VPNs they will first try L2TP and then switch over to PPTP if ports are unavailable.

Envisioned System

Overview Several of the management team have input on this project, including the CEO, the CFO, the general manager of the Orlando office, and the general manager of the Athens Office. At this stage, we have also begun to hear from the sales manager. Corporate Sales Manager Cool. How long have you been having these meetings Why wasn't I invited Can we do this over lunch Oh, and by the way, computer guy, how can my sales people get information from the network when they are on the road They keep calling and I have to look it up for them. It's not a problem in the winter, but it is spring and all my clients like to play golf, so I may not be available too much, you know what I mean

Objective Answers

Correct Because the procedure you used to add the new users to the Salespeople group was incorrect, you must reverse the process and add them to the group manually, using the Active Directory Users And Computers console. B. Correct Creating a Salespeople group in the Restricted Groups folder and then adding the new users to it effectively removed all the other users from the Salespeople group. Therefore, you must add them to the group again manually. C. Correct The Restricted Groups folder in a Group Policy Object specifies all the users who are permitted to be members of a specific group. By adding only the new users to the Salespeople restricted group, you have removed all the existing users in the Sales department from that group, which prevents them from accessing the applications they need. You must remove the Salespeople group from the Restricted Groups folder, or all the users will be removed from the group the next time the server refreshes its group policies. D. Incorrect...

Portable Hardware Specifications

When creating hardware specifications for portable computers, two configurations are usually enough, because portable computers fall into two categories that reflect the needs and tastes of their users small and light or large and heavy. Large, heavy notebook computers typically include all the features and capabilities of a desktop computer, including audio speakers, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives, high-capacity hard drives, and large screens. These computers are capable of being a user's primary workstation, and not just a traveling alternative. Salespeople and others who spend a lot of time on the road are usually best served by this type of computer, which they can use in the office as is, or connected to a docking station. Smaller and lighter portables are better suited for people with limited computing needs who don't want to carry a seven-pound machine. However, you often pay a premium for light weight, and these smaller portables are not necessarily a step down from the larger...

Terminal Services Access to Network Services

When you finally get your coffee and the discussion starts, you find that the CEO has come to the CIO with a problem. It seems the company is going to investigate installing this business-critical application that has to be accessed by all the salespeople. Since most of the salespeople are out on the road, this could prove to be a problem. The original suggestion was to install a Citrix server in the server room and run the application from that platform. Preliminary estimates indicate that while Citrix is an exceptional product, the cost of over 15,000 is prohibitive to do what they want to do, especially to start. You suggest setting up a server to run Terminal Services. You point out that there are some hardware investments that will have to be made, but some of the services can be installed on equipment that is currently in place. You also point out that the product can be secured so that salespeople can get access to one area of the network while other users can be configured to...

Page Lesson Review

You are the network administrator for a marketing computer sales company and have many salespeople who travel away from corporate headquarters. Accounting has stated that the costs of the sales personnel remotely accessing the company's database system from Asia, using dial-in modems, has been extremely high due to the high cost of dialing out from hotels. What possible solutions can you suggest to lower this cost

Objective Questions

You are adding wireless network clients to your Ethernet network, in the form of laptop computers that will be deployed to the sales staff. To secure the wireless connections, you intend to use 802.1X and WEP. The laptops are also equipped with card readers, and you plan to issue smart cards to the salespeople. Which of the following authentication protocols must you use to support this security solution

Real World Scenario Naming Conventions

She currently has many resource domains in her NT 4 environment but would like to restructure this when she moves to the Windows Server 2003 forest. Groups in the different domains all have different naming conventions. For example, a separate domain exists for Randi's users in the Atlanta region. The sales people in the Atlanta office are in a group named Sales. Sales people in her Chicago office are in a group called SalesGroup. This has been very confusing to her and to other administrators.

Managing EMail Distribution Lists

Distribution groups, or distribution lists, as they are more commonly called when talking about e-mail, are a convenient mechanism for ensuring that e-mail gets consistently routed to the appropriate individuals without each user having to maintain his or her own individual list. You might have one list that goes to Finance, for example, that your sales people use to send in their expense reports. Rather than sending e-mail to a specific individual who might be on vacation or no longer with the company the user sends the e-mail to the list. The list ensures the e-mail gets routed as necessary, even when a key person is absent.

Case Scenario Exercise

The realtor showing the building was able to provide a basic floor plan for each of the three stories. The current state of the three floors is as follows An outside sales department, which consists of personnel who travel to the sites of potential customers in the area to provide product information, negotiate terms, and furnish pre-sales technical support. These salespeople also need access to facilities where they can meet with potential customers visiting the Litware building. The computing needs of the outside sales staff include access to the company's customer database, the ability to run presentation software in the office and at customer sites, and the ability to demonstrate the operation of the company's software products. The salespeople are therefore equipped with notebook computers, which they use in the office and while traveling.

What Is Change Control

During the writing of this chapter, one of our clients almost lost a small fortune in business because of a lack of change control. Our client is a small insurance broker (only five people). One of the brokers, Dave, writes marine insurance, and on a fine, cool January day in Florida, he got the break that the company was waiting for an order for a policy to insure a 10 million yacht . . . the premium would be a killer.

Reinstating Inheritance

Inheritance can be reinstated in two ways from the child resource or from the parent folder. The results differ slightly. You might reinstate inheritance on a resource if you disallowed inheritance accidentally or if business requirements have changed. Simply reselect the Allow Inheritable Permissions option in the Advanced Security Settings dialog box. Inheritable permissions from the parent will now apply to the resource. All explicit permissions you assigned to the resource remain, however. The resulting ACL is a combination of the explicit permissions, which you might choose to remove, and the inherited permissions. Because of this dynamic, you might not see some inherited permissions in the first or third ACL editor dialog boxes. For example, if a resource has an explicit permission, Allows Sales Reps Read & Execute, and the parent folder has the same permission, when you choose to allow inheritance on the child, the result will be that the child has both an inherited and an...

Planning and Implementing a Resource Authorization Strategy

Sales representative Sales representatives sell products to customers. They use templates, reports, and shared public data to generate proposals. They save completed proposals in the public folder for other sales representatives to reference. Sales representatives maintain control over their own proposals to ensure that they do not get modified by other sales representatives. Sales manager Sales managers create reports on the performance of sales representatives. These reports are viewable only by other sales managers and by sales executives. Sales executive Sales executives create reports on the performance of the sales department. These reports contain data that must not be modified by anyone but sales executives. used by sales representatives, managers, and executives when they create proposals and reports. These files must not be modified by anyone but marketing representatives.

Revoking a Certificate

Arlene Huff is no longer an executive at Coho Vineyard. You will remove Arlene Huff from the Sales Executives group and revoke her EFS User certificate. You will then publish an updated certificate revocation list. b. Using a method of your choosing, remove Arlene Huff from the Sales Executives group.

Install by Booting to a CDROM

The rule of thumb on licensing is that if the number of simultaneous connections made by your users is larger than the number of users you have, you should be looking at per seat licensing. Most organizations start out with per server licensing and then switch over to per seat at some point. A Microsoft sales representative can help you more with pricing options for different licensing schemes.

Review of Windows Server Remote Access Concepts

The sales force to your corporation spends 80 percent of their time on the road.They travel all over the country, or all over the world meeting with customers. The sales employees need access to real-time production data to accurately inform customers of delivery schedules or product updates. Each salesperson needs secure access to corporate information. Each salesperson carries a laptop computer with a modem and a network card installed. Typically, your sales force stays in hotels that provide either an analog phone line to connect to the Internet, or in some cases, high-speed broadband access. In this scenario, a dedicated VPN server would provide your sales employees with secure access to your corporate data through the Internet connections that are readily available to them on the road. Again, compare this to the cost of long distance for each of the sales representatives that are on the road. The corporate office will incur the expense of a dedicated Internet connection, and the...

Where Are the Hackers

Suppose your company was a marketing company. Your company had all sorts of studies done to show how your client's products stacked up against the competition. That would be proprietary information. If that information was leaked or if it was obtained by the competition, that would be devastating. What would happen to a company if a group of their top salespeople got together and decided to form their own company Not a problem, unless they took the corporate customer list and lead list with them. The number of examples can go on and on.

Start at the Beginning

We did say to do this at a committee level. This is not because we love committee meetings. The exact opposite is the case. It is because you will need to get a variety of input on these security levels. For example, the Customer list may have very little impact on the life of the security guard, but would obviously be critical to the workings of the sales manager.

Managing Drive Printer and Device Mappings for Clients

Because client sessions can set up multiple data channels that go between the client and server, users can map to their local devices, which include drives and printers. The drive and printer mappings that are set during a client session are only temporary and are not available the next time the user logs on. If you would like to make them permanent, you can, by specifying that client mappings are automatically restored whenever the user logs on. This would be helpful if, for example, you had a group of salespeople all accessing the same Terminal Services connection. You know that they are all going to need to access the same data storage areas each time they log in. On the other hand, there may be resources that users can use in the office that you do not want them to be able to use remotely.

Why This Chapter Matters

It is important that users have access to your network infrastructure wherever they may be located. Not all users are in the same facility or office building as servers and other network resources. In fact, telecommuting is growing because many companies have discovered that executives, office staff, and others can work just as effectively from home as they can from the office. Salespeople must be able to access network information quickly with the assurance that the data is protected from unauthorized personnel. Remote users need access to the company's resources at all times of the day.

Chapter Securing VPN and Extranet Communications

You are designing a VPN that will allow the company's sales force to travel to multiple cities around the Untied States.You are using an Internet service provider (ISP) that provides service across the United States and has local numbers in all major cities and many smaller cities as well. The ISP is constantly adding new telephone numbers as it expands its service area. The sales manager is concerned that his sales force will not know what the local access number will be in the cities where they will be traveling. He asks if there is a solution that will help the sales force to make the VPN connection so that they can pass confidential client information and sales orders back to corporate headquarters. What is the best solution to address this problem

The Hierarchical Design

AD containers are used to group objects that have similar attributes. You might, for instance, want to apply a specific security policy to all salespeople. Grouping these user accounts together will facilitate this type of management in your environment. Active Directory manages the relationships between objects within the tree, by default creates the appropriate trust relationships between domains, and presents you with a consistent (and single) view of your network.

Communication between Levels of the Organization

The other part of this examination that may be tricky is the necessity of breaking down certain stereotypes. In the past, in the paper-oriented corporate environment, there was usually a well-defined hierarchy for need to know. For example, a senior vice-president in charge of widget manufacturing may be able to request a month-to-date report of how well the super-sized blue widgets are selling on Wednesdays in states with names ending in S in the Eastern time zone of the United States. While this report is perfectly okay for a Senior VP to call up, there may be guidelines prohibiting a mere sales representative from getting the same information. The tricky part is to determine why the salesperson is prohibited from getting the information. Is it need to know Or is it based on the fact that in the old days, generating that report would require programming resources and the resources of the mainframe, all of which were really expensive Today, that same information may be available from...

Case Scenario Exercise Requirement

What type of profile will be most useful to maintain a locked-down desktop common to all sales representatives 2. In Lesson 3, Exercise 5, you created a profile called Sales. You made it a mandatory profile by renaming Ntuser.dat to Finally, you assigned it to several users. How can you ensure that each new sales representative uses the same profile Modify the Sales Representative template account you created in Lesson 2, Exercise 1. In the Profile tab, type the profile path server01 profiles sales. Confirm the success of your work by copying the template to create a new user account then log on as that user. Make modifications to the desktop, log off, and log on again. The changes you made to the profile do not persist between sessions.

Growth Strategy

What kind of corporate growth is your company going through Growth can be measured in a variety of ways. First of all, growth can be measured in sales. These figures are usually pretty easy to get. Talk to one of the salespeople. He will know. Walk through the sales office and look at the big thermometer chart on the wall. That will also tell you. If your company is planning on doubling sales over the next 12 months, what types of initiatives is that driving First of all, the number of salespeople will have to increase. If the number of people selling your product increases, the number of sales support people will also have to increase. If corporate sales increase, that means manufacturing, shipping, and receiving will have to increase as well. In each case, this will present more nodes on the network with potentially more sites and more security hassles for you to deal with.

Review Questions

Your employer, Miracle Wonder Software and Development Company, has a Windows Server 2003 network that supports 30 development engineers and 25 administrative people, including accounting, human resources, and management staff. There are also 10 salespeople, who have been trying to sell Miracle Wonder's products to first-time customers. The startup atmosphere has attracted many competent people, but the company's recent attempts to cut costs have made the climate less attractive for a significant number of employees. Because you are concerned that your software code is less than secure, you implement IPSec for all the developers and their storage server. Everything works fine in terms of accessing the files, but you want to ensure that the IPSec is working properly on your network. How should you do that

Key Terms

The first floor is best suited to the outside sales department, because it provides individual offices for the salespeople's meetings, and because it is wired with Category 5 cable, providing the potential for more bandwidth to support more elaborate applications required by the users. The second floor is best suited to the inside sales call center, because it already has cubicles in place that are wired with Category 3 UTP This cable supports a 10Base-T network, which is sufficient for the users' needs. The third floor is best suited to the research and development department, because the fiber-optic cable provides the combination of high bandwidth and security that these users need. The outside sales department could best make use of a wireless network medium, because the salespeople use portable computers. A wireless network would enable them to access network resources from any location in their department.

Bulletproof Scenario

CompanyABC is a small software company with offices all over the world. CompanyABC supports roaming salespeople who travel from office to office. CompanyABC prides itself on its ability to make resources available to the end users. CompanyABC has security policies in place that require encrypting all data on databases and file servers as well as all communications between computers. CompanyABC requires strong authentication for access to any and all systems.

Global Names Zone

I still remember when Active Directory was introduced with Windows 2000. A lot of consultants and sales people were touting the fact that if you migrate completely to Active Directory and do not have any Windows NT or Windows 9x clients on your network, you can safely rid yourself of Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).