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Correct Answers A B and C

Correct Port 80 is the port used by the HTTP protocol. Creating this filter means that Web site traffic can be received and transmitted without requiring secured IPSec packets. Without this connection, Web site traffic would be encrypted via IPSec, limiting it to authorized users and locking out the potential customers.

Logging considerations

The information in this log file is primarily intended for nonsecurity-related analysis of Web site traffic. For example, members of the marketing team could use this information to determine which partner Web site was directing the highest number of users to the site. You should be familiar with IIS log files, however, because Web sites are a frequent point of entry for attackers, and analyzing IIS log files can reveal that you were attacked by a malicious user, the method the attacker used, and information about the attacker's identity.

Managing Maintenance Strategies

Every company has a disaster recovery plan. How formal that plan is depends on a multitude of factors. In some IT departments, unfortunately, the disaster recovery plan consists of making sure the IT staff knows where the best employment search engines are located on the Web. Most companies, however, will have some plan in place for a variety of disasters. If you institute a PKI, you will have to revisit that plan to make sure the special circumstances presented are covered. In this section we are going to offer some

Third Party Backup Options

One easy way to find other third-party backup software is to visit popular search engines on the Internet, such as http , and enter the keywords Windows Server 2003 Backup. Discount Internet shops, such as CDW (http ), provide information about various backup devices in one handy location. On the CDW Web site, go to the Hardware section, click the Data Storage option, and look at how much information you have.

Understanding Searching in WSS

The search engine on a Windows 2003 server can create a search index on a per virtual server basis. This means that search is either turned on or off for all top-level Web sites and subsites on a particular virtual server. Subsites inherit the search settings from parent sites. If search has not been enabled for a virtual server, the search links will not appear in the Web sites that reside on that virtual server.

Working with Active Directory Group Accounts

Universal Groups Universal groups are used to logically organize global groups and appear in the Global Catalog (a search engine that contains limited information about every object in the Active Directory). Universal groups can contain users (not recommended) from anywhere in the domain tree or forest, other universal groups, and global groups.

Answers to Review Questions

Universal groups are used to logically organize global groups and appear in the Global Catalog (a search engine that contains limited information about every object in the Active Directory). Universal groups can contain users from anywhere in the domain tree or forest, other universal groups, and global groups.

Monitoring on a Budget

Sifting through Microsoft's documentation about their System Center Operations Manager product, he found the parameters that defined a healthy Active Directory server. After a few search-engine queries about implementing WMI, he implemented a set of queries to run against each server and to generate a report about the health of each server. Besides saving a considerable amount of money on a monitoring solution, he found he also better understood what was going on with his Active Directory servers.

How Bitwise ANDing Works

You may be familiar with Boolean operators in using search engines.You can refine your search by using Boolean operators, including AND and OR. There are other, less commonly used operators such as NAND (not AND) and XOR (exclusive OR), but these are outside the scope of this discussion.

Finding Servers Client Server Rendezvous

Poking around in Network Neighborhood in Windows 95 98, or in the My Network Places if your workstation is running Windows 2000 Professional, or perhaps someone told you where to find the files. You might have guessed L.L.Bean's address, saw it on a magazine ad, or used a search engine like Yahoo or AltaVista.

Security Filters

A security filter ties security protocols to a particular network address. The filter contains the source and destination addresses involved (using a netmask for either specific hosts or networks), the protocol used, and the source and destination ports allowed for TCP and UDP traffic. For example, you can define a filter (as you will see later in this chapter) that specifies exactly what kind of IPSec negotiations you're willing to allow when a machine in your domain contacts a machine in the domain. Recall that IPSec connections have two sides inbound and outbound. That means that for each connection, you need to have two filters one inbound and one outbound. The inbound filter is applied when a remote machine requests security on a connection, and the outbound filter is applied before sending traffic to a remote machine.

Web Sites

Google Search Engine (http ) Google is my primary starting point for locating information on Active Directory. It is a powerful search engine and is often quicker and easier to use to search the Microsoft web sites than using the search engines provided on Microsoft's sites.


If you have a question about a particular topic, a good starting point is to search the newsgroups using Google's Groups search engine (http ). Just like its web search engine, the group search engine is very fast and is an invaluable resource when trying to locate information.

Scriptomatic 2.0


If you would like some additional help in the form of prewritten WMI queries, we have another tool for your consideration a free download from Microsoft called Scriptomatic 2.0. (The URL is long and complicated so do a Google search on the keywords Scriptomatic 2 download to find a link to it.) Download the compressed executable file from Microsoft, extract the files, and double-click the ScriptomaticV2.hta file to execute. Figure 20.11 shows the Scriptomatic tool after initializing. After using it a few times you will find it to be one of the most invaluable tools at your disposal.

Searching Mechanisms

The best-designed data repository in the world is useless if users can't access the information stored within it. Active Directory includes a search engine that can be queried by users to find information about objects stored within it. For example, if a member of the Human Resources (HR) department is looking for a color printer, they can easily query Active Directory to find the one located closest to them. Best of all, the query tools are already built into Windows Server 2003 operating systems and are only a few mouse clicks away.

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Search Engine Optimization

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