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Windows Password Resetter

Password Resetter offers you the easiest and safest way to reset your forgotten Windows password. Password Resetter recovers 99,9% of passwords from nearly any Windows installation in a matter of seconds! You do not need to remember old passwords in order to crack your Windows password. You do not have to install Password Resetter on your locked PC making it a safe alternative to many other password remover tools. Password Resetter recovers the lost Windows administrator or user password from any Windows Operation System. It supports Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000 and the newest Windows 7. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

Windows Password Resetter is a highly configurable piece of software. Installing and using is quite easy, even for the novice users but if you find yourself in trouble, there's always the Help system that's very useful when needed. From my experience with it so far it works seamlessly, so why not give it a go.

There is also a full money-back guarantee, so it's totally risk-free.I can't think of a single reason not to buy Windows Password Resetter as soon as possible. Great work. Highly Recommended.

Reset Password Pro

Reset Password Pro has been tried and tested and will successfully reset any password on computers using Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit) and the new Windows 8 (also 32 and 64 bit versions). To reset your unknown Windows Password all you need to do is a tried and tested, simple and safe 3-step process using our intuative graphical interface that will do all the hard work for you! The whole process is hassle free and safe. Using the Reset Password Pro Burner you will need to create what we call a 'boot disk'. Don't worry it takes only a few seconds. Input your CD or Usb and select either Prepare Usb or Prepare CD/Dvd. Then it's a simple case of pressing Burn! Start the locked Windows computer and put in your CD/Dvd or Usb stick with Reset Password Pro on. You will then you will be shown a list of Administrators and Users registered to the locked PC. Simply select an account and press Reset! The password will be safely removed from the chosen account allowing you to login with no password immediately.

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Regserve Registry Cleaner

The RegServe registry scan searches your computer for invalid, corrupt, orphaned registry entries, and registry errors. Using the comprehensive registry scan, RegServe will search fifteen (15) areas of your computers registry and detect items that may be impacting your computers performance. Registry DefragRegistry Defrag The registry defrag process is designed to increase your computer speed and free resources by managing the overall size of your registry and how requests are made. Registry ScansAuto-Scheduled Scans After establishing a desired setting and frequency, auto-scheduled scans allow you to automate future registry scans. When enabling this feature, RegServe will automatically start the date you specify and scan your computer for registry items. Registry ReportDetailed Scan Results Following any registry scan, RegServe provides you with a detail report for the areas of your registry selected for repair. At this point, you may also select which registry items (if any) you would like RegServe to overlook during the repair process. Ignore ListBuilt-In Ignore List The built-in ignore list ensures maximum compatibility with third-party applications. If you have deselected items from the registry scan results, they will be added to the ignore list automatically. Keywords may also be entered into the ignore list to prevent any possible conflict from arising. Registry BackupRegistry Backup & Restore Prior to each registry repair, RegServe creates a log file that contains backup information with your previous registry settings. Using the Restore feature you can revert your computers registry to a previous setting if desired. Windows RegistryWindows Startup Manager View and manage applications that launch during startup. The Startup Manager allows you to improve slow computer load times by freeing up computer resources and disabling applications you do not wish to load automatically.

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Registry Easy Cleaner

Registry Easy uses a high-performance detection algorithm that will quickly identify missing and invalid references in your Windows registry. With a few easy steps Registry Easy will scan your entire Windows registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and provide a list of the registry errors found. After that you can choose to clean list items with selection or automatically repair them all. For your convenience and protection, Registry Easy also provides a backup mechanism for any repaired files so that you can easily recover any changes if required. Registry Easy Features and Benefits. Registry Easy will Automatically Speed up , Clean & Repair Your PC Registry of the following: Windows Installer Errors, ActiveX Errors, ActiveX Control problems, Windows Startup Errors, Windows Explorer Errors, Windows Media player Errors, l sass,exe , svchost,exe &other exe Errors, Windows Operating System Problems, Registry Errors, Dll Errors, Runtime Errors, IExplore and System32 Errors, System Crashes, Slow PC Performance, Chkdsk Issues, Computer Freezing, Internet Explorer Errors, Javascript Errors, Dr Watson Errors, Hardware Malfunction, Blue Screen, Vista, XP, 2000, 98 and ME Issues, Scan Disk, Driver Errors, Corrupt Registry Files, Task Manager related, Computer & Application Shutdown, RegistryEasy detects the most registry problems, Cleans registry, fixes errors, and optimizes your PC for better performance, Prevent application crashes, Load windows faster, Run applications smoothly, Maintain your system like new, Manage your Internet Explore more handle, Regain disk space, Protects your privacy, Easy to use, saving you time and energy, Unlimited free technical support, Prevents PC from Freezing or Crashing, Registry Easy Key Features and Benefits: 1-Click Maintenance File Recoveryer Password Recovery IE Management Optimize Internet Easy Repair Wizard Shortcuts Fixer Winsock2 Repair File Splitter & Joiner Folder Backup High-performance scan, Junk Files Cleaner, Duplicate File Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, System Optimizer, IE Restore, Browser Hom Manager, Automatic/manual removal, Back-up registry, Restore Point, Block ActiveX, Error Utilities, Register ActiveX, Program Shortcuts, Checks Invalid User Software Settings, Checks Invalid System Software Settings, Checks Invalid Application Paths, Checks Recently Used Files, Checks Invalid Class Keys, Checks Invalid ActiveX, Ole, Com, Checks Uninstall Sections, Checks Invalid Font, Checks Invalid Shared known Dll's, Checks Invalid Startup Programs, Checks Invalid Shortcuts, Checks Invalid File Associations, Checks Invalid Start Menu Items, Checks Recently Used Files, Deletes Empty Registry Keys, Checks System Service, Organizes Windows Startup Items, Add/remove Program Manager, Memory Tweak, Auto Updated

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Format: Ebook

Pcfixkit Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer

PcfixKit is a powerful Windows registry cleaner dedicated to scanning your computer system, safely and completely repairing various computer problems, including registry errors, slow system startup, blue screen of death, and greatly speeding up your computer performance. PcfixKit preliminarily scans and detects registry errors on your computer system. Your system registry will get a problem when an unexpected situation happens. As we all know, the registry is a complicated and important database that stores the information and settings of hardware and software and is important to the proper functioning of your system and application. No matter what Operating System your computer is running on, Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, any single issue could lead to registry errors, system freezing, blue screen of death and other kinds of computer problems. PcfixKit can find and repair those issues and improve system stability and performance. 2. Speed up system startup. Does your Operating System take a long time to start when you turn it on? Thats because there are plenty of processes and software starting automatically with your system. And you may find that your computer freezes at the startup. Actually, you do not really need so many software immediately at the startup. So with PcfixKit, you can disable some of them from system startup and reduce startup time. 3. Clean up your private information. The trace of your activities on your computer and Internet tell other people a lot about you. What websites you visited and where your important file information is saved are the favorite of those people with malicious purposes. PcfixKit cleans up your private information to better protect your privacy. 4. Optimize your network speed. The Network Optimization tool of PcfixKit enables you to optimize your network speed, maximize your network performance and improve your browsing experience. 5. Optimize hard disk cache. By optimizing your disk cache, the computer system can better allocate the system resources, ensure the memory needs of computer programs and prevent system freezing.

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Dynamic IP Addressing

Network Infrastructure

In most cases, it's desirable to use dynamic IP addressing because you can manage IP addressing from a central location and the addresses are assigned by the system rather than being typed manually. This reduces errors and provides timely, accurate IP addressing to clients. Unlike static IP addressing, dynamic addressing easily scales from small to large networking environments. For very small environments, a special form of dynamic addressing called Automatic Private IP Addressing APIPA might...

Stepbystep NLB cluster installation and configuration

Close Listening Port 1723 Windows 2003

Network Load Balancing functions as a network component that is activated on a pernetwork-adapter basis. The software consists of a networking driver WLBS.SYS and control program NLB.EXE. Before you start configuring NLB, ensure that you have several available IP addresses. In a single network adapter configuration, you will need one for the virtual cluster, shared among all the nodes, and one dedicated per each node. They all should belong to the same subnet and share the same subnet mask...

Port Forwarding

Redirected Netsh

Port forwarding enables you to redirect traffic targeted at a port on the NAT server's public interface to a host on the internal network. For example, you could map port 80 on the NAT server's public interface so that it redirects to a Web server located on your internal network. Port forwarding works based on interface address rather than on hostname . This means that you cannot forward requests to different hosts on the internal network that arrive on the same interface based on the hostname...

Builtin Data Collector Sets

Server 2008 Builtin

Windows Server 2008 includes the following built-in data collector sets Active Directory Diagnostics This data collector set is present only on domain controllers. It logs kernel trace data, Active Directory trace data, performance counters, and Active Directory registry configuration. LAN Diagnostics You can use this data collector set when troubleshooting complex network problems such as network time-outs, poor network performance, or virtual private network VPN connectivity problems. It logs...

Editing RDPTcp Connection Settings

Windows Server Maximum Tcp Connections

Although the default connection name is RDP-Tcp, you can use any name for this connection. When you see the term RDP-Tcp connection properties in technical documents, it often means the properties of the default Terminal Services connection. The connection properties dialog box has the following tabs General By editing the properties of this tab, you can configure the connection's encryption and authentication properties. Log On Settings Use this tab to configure information about accounts used...

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