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The roles of project sponsor and project manager are the first roles assigned in the project. The project sponsor determines the business needs, maps them to SMS features, and prioritizes them. The project manager defines the project scope and assembles the team.

The project manager puts together a team consisting of SMS administrators with varying roles. For example, one SMS administrator might be in charge of building the test lab and conducting the pilot deployment. Another SMS administrator might be in charge of planning the SMS hierarchy and monitoring network bandwidth availability during the pilot project. Other administrators might be assigned other tasks as described in Table 7.9.

The project manager should locate a trainer who can educate the staff members on several levels of SMS functionality. For example, train your help desk specialists in troubleshooting the SMS client and using Remote Tools. The SQL Server database administrator needs advanced training in performance tuning of the SMS site database. The SMS administrators, however, might require formal training ahead of time in the more technical aspects of SMS and SMS administration.

Typically, your help desk is already staffed and their roles are assigned, so you might not need to assign new roles unless you want to assign an SMS leader for that group. Or, for a smaller organization, you might need to assign some of the help desk personnel various administrative tasks in SMS.

Assign the responsibilities for database administration to a SQL Server database administrator. Also, it is helpful to have a programmer or someone knowledgeable about scripting perform a role in SMS operations.

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