Figure 3.12: Configuring host parameters for an NLB cluster node.

After clicking Finish, the NLB Manager tool will connect to the server using WMI and configure the NLB service. You will be returned to the main NLB Manger window where you will see your newly created cluster. In this window, you can right-click the cluster to add hosts. Each time you add a server, you will be required to select a network interface and set a priority number for the node.

When you are done adding the remaining terminal servers to the cluster, you can test NLB by using the Remote Desktop Connection client to connect to either the VIP address or the DNS name of the cluster. Your connection should be routed to a specific server in the cluster, and you will be prompted with the logon screen for that server.

To connect to the DNS name of the cluster, you must either have Dynamic DNS (DDNS) running in your network, which allows the NLB service to register the cluster name, or manually add the cluster alias to your DNS database.

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