Applying WSUS for Clients via Group Policy

If you have already configured a Group Policy Object (GPO) for use with WSUS, then the changes you make will not take very long. From either a Domain Controller, server or workstation with the Administrator tools loaded:

1. Click Start I Administrative Tools I Active Directory Users and Computers.

2. Right-click either the domain name (in this case, or the organizational unit (OU) where you have applied the GPO. Click Properties.

3. Select the Policy where WSUS settings have been applied (see Figure 8.14) and click Edit.

Figure 8.14 Selecting a GPO

4. Click Computer Configuration.

5. Click Administrative Templates.

6. Double-click Windows Components.

7. Click Windows Update.

8. In the main window, double-click Specify intranet Windows update service location.

9. When the Specify intranet Windows update service location window opens, change the Set the intranet update service for detecting updates: and Set the intranet statistics server: to https//<servername> where <servername> is the name of your WSUS server (see Figure 8.15).

Figure 8.15 Setting the Update Location

11. Close the Group Policy Editor.

Because this is a change to the group policy, clients either have to wait until their next reboot, or they will have to force a group policy update using gpupdate (Windows 2003/XP) or secedit (Windows 2000).

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