Client Side Targeting Issues

You might find that there are some difficulties when using client-side targeting to assign computers to groups for use with WSUS. Here are some points to check if you are having trouble in this area:

■ Make sure that your clients are configured to use client-side targeting (see Figure 11.4). (See Chapter 5 for how to configure the console for such activity.)

Figure 11.4 Configuring Clients for Client-Side Targeting

Figure 11.4 Configuring Clients for Client-Side Targeting

Wsus Enable Client Side Targeting

■ Check to ensure that the target group names on the client match the target group names on the server. Look at the Group Policy Object (GPO) or the registry setting where you enabled client-side targeting and verify that there are no differences between the name of the computer group used in Group Policy and the name of the group used on the server.WSUS loads the computer into the Unassigned Computers group if it cannot find a matching server-side group.

■ Give changes at least one hour to take effect. When you make a change to group membership using client-side targeting and the machine has already pinged the WSUS server for the first time, it takes about an hour for the server to change the computer's group membership, because WSUS uses cookies that are set to expire after 60 minutes to manage client-side group membership.

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  • Ulrich
    Does client side targeting apply every time a client PC reboots?
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