Limiting Superfluous Downloads

WSUS offers the ability to choose only the updates your organization requires during synchronization. The most common way to filter downloads is by language, product, and type of update.

In the chain, all downstream servers use the update filtering options that are selected on the upstream server; therefore, you can only set a filter for updates on the upstream server. However, you can defer the download of updates to get a subset of language, product, or types of updates on a downstream server (described in the previous section).

By default, WSUS downloads critical and security updates for all Windows products in every language.You should configure WSUS to limit languages to only those you need, to conserve bandwidth and disk space.

To specify these language options:

1. On the WSUS console toolbar, click Options and then click Synchronization Options.

2. Under Update Files and Languages, click Advanced.

3. Acknowledge the warning that appears by clicking OK.

4. In the Advanced Synchronization Options box, under Languages, select either Download only those updates that match the locale of this server, Download updates in all languages, including new languages, or Download updates only in the selected languages (see Figure 5.5).

Figure 5.5 Specifying WSUS Language Options

3 Advanced Synchronization Options - Web Page Dialog

Update Files

You can specify where to store the update fles ivhen you synchronize. Storing locally requires sufficient disk space. (•) ' fits (¿MIY an 'iiis sw

0 Download update files to «his server only when updates are approved,

Only in for ma ton about the updates will be downloaded during synchronization. | | Download express installation files.

Express hstalation fles provide faster download and installation on computers, but are larger and «11 increase download times for your server. O Do not store updates localy; clients install from Microsoft Uxtate


If you are stonng update files locally, you can limit the updates downloaded to your Windows Server Update Services server by lonousoe,

O Download only those updates ihat match the locale of this server (Englsh) 0 Download updates in all languages, mdudrg new langjagas O Download updates only in the selected languages

I I German

□ Chinese CnradittorisO1

I I Danish


I I Portuguese

□ Portuguese frazil) I I Russian


If you change language options after downloading updates, you should manually synchronize such updates between a master server and its subordinate replica members.

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