Some Independent Advice

■ Consider using separate GPOs when dealing with computers that fall into different WSUS computer groups due to computer function or application software. This way, you only affect one computer group when making GPO changes for installation and reboot times.

■ In a complex environment, you may have to create many computer-specific GPO's to accommodate varying client types and the different ways in which you want them updated and rebooted. With this in mind, try to organize your organizational unit (OU) structure in such a manner that all the objects in that OU will apply that GPO, and refrain from using GPO filtering. By default, when you create a GPO and link it to an OU, all the objects in that OU will apply to that GPO. To have that same GPO apply only to a specific set of objects in an OU, you can use GPO filtering and only apply the GPO to objects you specify in the Access Control List (ACL) of that GPO. This is not recommended.

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