Update Files and Languages

At this point you can synchronize your WSUS server; however, before starting the first synchronization it is a good idea to verify that WSUS is downloading updates in the correct language.You also need to choose where WSUS will store updates, when it will download updates, and the types of update files to be used.

Language support is configured from the Synchronization Options page shown in Figure 6.7. Scroll down to the section labeled Update Files and Language and click the Advanced button.This gives you the window shown in Figure 6.8.

Figure 6.7 Updating Files and Language Support

Figure 6.7 Updating Files and Language Support

Figure 6.8 Configuring File and Language Support

5 Advanced Synchronization Options ~ Web Page Dialog

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I- Chinese (Heng Kong S. A,R.) r Chrese (srplfiecf) r Chrese (Tradttond) r Czech I- Danish r Dutch I? English r Frenrh r German r Greek r Hebrew

V Hungarian

V ttalan r Japanese

Japanese (NEC)

I- Nonneoan r Pdlsh f~ Portuguese r Potuauese (Srazl) I- Russan f Spanish J~ Swedsii Turkish

By default, WSUS will download only updates that match the locale of the WSUS server. If all of your clients use the same language as the WSUS server, you have nothing else to configure. If you are using multiple languages, you have two choices available: configure WSUS to download all updates in all languages or specify exactly which languages to download. It is recommended that you specify the languages so that you are not downloading unnecessary updates.

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