Compute Selection Information Before Backup And Restore Operations

Estimates the number of files and bytes that will be backed up or restored during the current operation and displays this information prior to the backup or restore operation

Use The Catalogs On The Media To Speed Up Building Restore Catalogs On Disk

Specifies that you want to use an on-media catalog to build an on-disk catalog that can be used to select which folders and files will be restored during a restore operation

Verify Data After The Backup Completes Makes sure that all data has been backed up properly

Back Up The Contents Of Mounted Drives

Specifies that the data should be backed up on mounted drives; otherwise, only path information on mounted drives is backed up

Show Alert Message When I Start The Backup Utility And Removable Storage Is Not Running

Notifies you if Removable Storage is not running (when you are backing up to tape or other removable media)

Show Alert Message When I Start The Backup Utility And There Is Recognizable Media Available

Notifies you when you start Backup if new media have been added to the Removable Storage import pool

Show Alert Message When New Media Is Inserted

Notifies you when new media are detected by Removable Storage

Always Allow Use Of Recognizable Media Without Prompting

Specifies that if new media are detected by Removable Storage, that media should be directed to the Backup media pool

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